Testimonials from clients:

“I had the privilege of being a client of Diana’s in high school. As a teenage girl away from her close-knit family at boarding school, Diana was a welcome refuge for me in some of the most difficult times in my life. From the second I met her, her warmth and passion for what she does was clear. We worked together over a period of about 2 years and I looked forward to my weekly sessions with her. She knew when I needed more interaction, when I needed space, when to just listen and when to offer her advice. As a young woman in a stressful environment, she fostered confidence and empowerment in an insecure and unsure girl. She helped me handle a number of sensitive situations. I never felt uncomfortable sharing things with Diana because she related so well to me and never made me feel silly or petty for my feelings and reactions. She gave me practical, applicable tactics for managing day to day anxieties and struggles, but also taught me to celebrate my achievements and strengths which truly helped me mature into a confident young woman. I am forever thankful to Diana for her warm heart, open ears, and words of wisdom.” ~ Former adolescent female client

“I find it extraordinarily difficult to distill what Diana Flemma gave me during high school into a few short sentences, and this attempt will undoubtedly fail to do so. I would quite simply not be the person I am today without the guidance and advice that she imparted every week from freshman year to my last week on campus. She taught me, among many lessons, to believe in myself, to not measure my own success based on anyone else’s scale, and to always see light and hope even when everything seemed dark and complicated. Even during the most stressful times - both emotionally and academically - our meetings always provided moments of clarity, relief, and perspective. If you are going through a specific crisis or difficult situation, she will bring in a new perspective and help you approach any challenge productively and effectively. Or, if you just need someone to talk to, she will listen and respond in her unique style of wit and genuine empathy. I couldn’t recommend her more.” ~ Former adolescent male client

“Diana has always been there to listen and help me grapple with the difficult and complex challenges of parenting this generation. Whatever difficult situation I present, she responds with a grounded compassionate perspective that helps me reshape my thinking toward the situation. Diana is especially gifted in providing the dialogue and discussion tools necessary to re-tackle the situation and/or my response to it. She is a thoughtful professional and an amazing counseling resource for any parent.”  ~ Former adult client

“Diana has been an incredible source of counsel on many issues I’ve shared over the years. I’ve found that she has shared a wealth of experience and knowledge on attachment and codependency issues. Most importantly, I found Diana to be a good listener who’s adept at navigating the delicate balance of listening, while directing the conversation in a way that is productive. Although I know Diana has spent much of her career counseling teens, she is equally effective helping us adults with our life struggles, many of which can be traced back to our childhood attachment and traumas anyway. I wholeheartedly recommend her.” ~ Former adult client